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The School of Government Administration Successfully Held Chinese Communist Party Building Work Communication Conference and Party Branch Secretary Wo

2018-03-02 Views:12419

At 18:00 on December 27th, the School of Government held Chinese Communist Party capacity building work communication conference and party branch secretary working report of 2017 in library academic lecture hall. The purpose of this conference is to summarize the work of the School of Government’s Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Branches, communicate working experiences and thoughts. And also formulate the working plan for future. Wang Chen, Beijing Normal University CCP Inspection Team member and the assistant dean of Faculty of Education, Yu Haibo, the party secretary of School of Government, Zhang Wenguang, dean of School of Government and the United Front Work Department of School of Government’s party committee, Sun Yu, Branch member organizations of School of Government ’s CCP committee, Liu Xiaojuan, member of publicity branch of School of Government’s CCP committee, Xie Ling, youth committee of School of Government ’s CCP committee attended the conference. All CCP members of three staff branch and nine student party branch participated in this activity.

With the solemn national anthem, the conference kicked off officially.Prof. Yu, the party secretary of the School of Government’s Party Committee, made a speech firstly. He pointed out from three levels of the country, school and college that 2017 is an extraordinary year. He expresses the gratitude for all Party committee members’ efforts and emphasized the importance of Party branch’s working report. He also expresses the best wishes for the coming New Year.

    Then, the teachers and students Party branch secretary conducted annual working report. They introduced their work highlights of Party branch, reflected on work issues and look forward to the future. First Teacher Party Branch of School of Government Administration Secretary Zhou Xiaoping reported firstly. This Party Branch combined the theory with practice closely, spare no efforts to build a platform to show professional advantages. The PhD Party Branch Secretary Cai Yihe reported on how to combine party building activities with professional learning integrated closely. The First Master Party Branch of Public Management Secretary Chang Yue showed the good results of the interaction between online activities and offline activities. The Second Master Party Branch of Public Management Secretary Dong Ziqian described that they improved Party branch’s influence by holding schoolwide activities. Song Zhiyuan, the secretary of the International Relations Master Branch of CCP, presented the results of theoretical study by using detailed data. Yu Mengxia, the secretary of Library and Information Science Master Branch of CCP, introduced a series of activities which can enhance party members' awareness. Li Yuan, the secretary of Political Science Master Branch of CCP, reported on how to consolidate the foundation of the branch based on both theoretical and practical aspects. Gu Zhenyu, the secretary of Master of Public Administration Branch of CCP, introduced how to conduct various tasks according to the requirements from their own characteristics. Zhang Yuan, secretary of the former Public Service Administration Undergraduate Branch of CCP, focus on how to let member play a pioneering role and the way to consolidate the basis of regulation. Gao Yue, the secretary of Management Science and Engineering Undergraduate Branch of CCP, introduced the way to solidify the base of party branch by starting from the weakness. The former Human Resources Undergraduate Party Branch secretary Lin Puxin, who is now in charge of Public Administration Undergraduate Branch of CCP, started from "Be faithful to our original aspiration and continue marching forward", elaborated how to enhance branch cohesion and combat effectiveness.

In the “July 1st commending ceremony”, all guests presented awards to award-winning organizations and individuals such as "Advanced Basic Chinese Communist Party Organizations", "Excellent Members of Chinese Communist Party ", "Party Building Innovation Activities" and "Pioneers of Three Promise".

Furthermore, two of excellent party members made speeches. The Public Management second master Party branch member Wu Xuan narrated her experience of joining Chinese Communist Party and serving as Party building student cadres. She emphasized that Chinese Communist party members must enhance their identity sense. Each member is supposed to serve as an example to others and down to earth. Keep our original aspiration in mind. Zhang Yibin, a member of the Human Resource Management and Public Service Administration Undergraduate Branch of CCP, stressed we need to maintain a clear understanding, improve information literacy and maintain rational thinking. We need to study hard, strengthen belief and practice more.

This Party Building Work Communication Conference held successfully. This meeting summarized the party building work of all branches of School of Government in 2017, and provided a communication platform for each branch. We firmly believe that under the leadership of the school party committee and the support of the relevant functional department and the majority of Chinese Communist Party members, the party building work of School of Government will strive to achieve greater success.