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Professor Zhou Zuoyu, Vice President of BNU Hold a CPC-concerned Symposium at School of Government

2018-03-02 Views:1187

On November 9, 2017, Professor Zhou Zuoyu, vice president of BNU, hold a symposium on learning and implementing the sprit of the 19th CPC National Congress, and took advices on the 13th CPC congress report of BNU from school of government, where all members from the school’s joint commission of the Party and the administration attended. 

Regarding of BNU campus work activities, combing the learning experiences, comrades in the conference gave their own suggestions on the report such as how to develop the Public Administration discipline in the context of the BNU’s "Double First-rate" strategic plan, how the leading role of pedagogical education can be incarnated, how to establish and regularize a deeper communication between the university and colleges, how to standardize social services, how to deal with the classified enrollment reform, how to build a team of talents compatible with the development objectives of BNU’s "Double First-rate" strategic plan, and how to focus and carry forward the international affairs.

At last, Professor Zhou pointed out the Public Administration discipline is an important branch of "Double First-rate" strategic plan. All teachers and students of the school of government should take actual action to learn and implement the sprit of the 19th CPC National Congress, in order to welcome the coming 13th CPC congress of BNU by further promotion of teaching and research, social services and international affairs.