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School of Government, BNU Held Opening Ceremony for 2017 MPA Freshmen and the External Mentor Appointment Ceremony

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On the afternoon of September 3, 2017, organized by School of Government, BNU, the Opening Ceremony for 2017 MPA Freshmen and the External Mentor Appointment Ceremony were held in Lecture Hall No.2 of Yingdong Academic Auditorium. Zhang Kai (Vice President of BNU) attended this opening ceremony. Guo Zhenwei, Lei Xiaoning, Liu Junsheng, Wang Lijun, Wang Xiaoming, Zhang Qing’an and Zhou Youqiang (representatives of eternal mentors), Hu Kewen (Vice Dean of BNU Graduate School and Director of Section of Academic Degrees), Ying Zhongzheng (Head of Department of Graduate Student Work), Wang Luozhong (Director of Department of Student Work), Yu Haibo (Secretary of the CPC Sub-committee of School of Government, BNU), Zhang Wenguang (Dean of School of Government, BNU), Geng Qian (Vice Dean of School of Government, BNU), Wang Hongxin (Vice Dean of School of Government, BNU), Guo Jia (Vice Dean of School of Government, BNU), Guo Zhifang (Deputy Secretary of the CPC Sub-committee of School of Government, BNU), Li Xiufeng (Director of BNU MPA Education Center), Lian Hongping (Deputy Director of BNU MPA Education Center), such teachers of School of Government as Jing Peidong, Li Yongrui, Liu Xiaojuan, Sun Yu, Tian Guangjin, Wang Huachun, Wang Ying, Wang Bo, Zhou Xiaoping and Li Yingfang, MPA alumni representatives and 2017 MPA freshmen (198 in all) also attended. This opening ceremony was presided over by Secretary Yu Haibo.

Zhang Kai (Vice President of BNU) expressed greetings and welcomes to 2017 MPA freshmen. At first, he briefly reviewed the brilliant development of School of Government in the field of public administration. Then he spoke highly of MPA training objectives of School of Government as thorough manifestation for the requirements of the times, and self-positioning and characteristics of BNU.

1. Leadership in the reform which can steer national development: BNU’s lofty status among domestic and international colleges and universities and its goal of building a world-class university determine that MPA Education of School of Government should commit to cultivating high-level public administrators who assume leadership in the national development.

2. Strong sense of social responsibility and spirit of public service: School of Government can take full advantage of the profound subject advantages of humanities in the century-old BNU to inject sense of responsibility and dedication into the humanistic veins of MPA students.

3. Solid foundation of professional knowledge and advanced management skills: The public administration discipline with great strength, pedagogy, psychology and other domestic top-grade disciplines can provide MPA students with the necessary supports to grasp professional knowledge and management skills.

4. Broad international perspective and strategic insight: Public administration discipline of BNU has formed the leading faculty advantage in terms of internationalization and accumulated a wealth of international teaching experience, which offers an ideal learning environment for students to form international perspective and strategic insight.

Zhang Wenguang (Dean of School of Government, BNU) introduced the evolution profile of MPA Education in four aspects as follows.

1. MPA education development history: As one of 24 MPA education institutions (the first batch) in China, Master of Public Administration (MPA) Education Program of BNU has cultivated more than 2550 students, and more than 70% of them are civil servants. Students are mainly based in Beijing and spread all over the country.

2. Main achievements and shortcomings: In recent years, School of Government comprehensively revises training programs, increases enrollment efforts, and actively launches case teaching and development. In the First National Public Administration Graduate Case Contest, School of Government ranked among top 32, and won the title of “Outstanding Dissertation of the Seventh National Public Administration Master Dissertation Appraisal”. However, MPA education of School of Government is still plagued by the lack of teachers who master both theory and practice, the urgent need of improving the quality of dissertations and other shortcomings.

3. The improvement measures taken in practice: Through careful survey and analysis, School of Government works out a series of improvement measures, such as revising and improving MPA training programs, elevating student quality in all aspects, giving full play to the role of mentors, improving the quality of dissertations, etc. The quality of MPA education has been significantly improved.

4. The future key emphasis in work: On the solid foundation of the past, School of Government will strengthen its contact and cooperation with executive departments, enhance the social adaptability of MPA professionals cultivation, conduct special research on the criteria of MPA dissertations, strive to make the quality of MPA dissertations reach a higher stage, and further gain ground on the path of internationalization.

Lei Xiaoning (Deputy Head of Tongzhou District, Beijing) vividly depicted her rich practical experience in governmental authorities, emotionally reviewed her insights into BNU Spirit from an alumna’s perspective, and encouraged 2017 MPA freshmen to make unremitting efforts so as to emerge as high-level, application-oriented and interdisciplinary public administration professionals.

According to the guidelines of National MPA Education Steering Committee, MPA training can not be done without the support of external (social practice) mentors. School of Government gradually builds a cutting-edge external mentor library composed of government officials above deputy departmental head level, business executives and industry elites who have profound attainments in the field of public administration and have obtained doctoral degrees or master degrees. Currently, School of Government appoints 12 external mentors from governmental authorities. Ranked in the alphabetical order of pinyin initials, these mentors include Bao Jing (Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Chinese Public Administration Society), Chen Kaiyun (Deputy Secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Chairman of Heilongjiang Provincial Youth Federation, Member of Standing Committee of the CPPCC Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League), Guo Zhenwei (Secretary of the CPC Committee of National Research Institute for Family Planning, Member of Standing Community of CPC Lvliang Municipal Committee in Shanxi Province, Member of Leading Party Group and Vice Mayor of Lvliang City), Lei Xiaoning (Deputy Head of Tongzhou District, Beijing), Liu Junsheng (Member of Standing Committee and Head of Publicity Department of the CPC Chaoyang District Committee), Wang Lijun (Director of Taiwan Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal People’s Government, Director of Taiwan Work Office of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee), Wang Xiaoming (Director of Hunan Provincial People’s Government Office in Beijing), Wu Tienan (Director of Logistics Service Bureau of State Internet Information Office), Xie Yahong (Deputy Editor-in-chief of Chinese Public Administration), Zhang Qing’an (Deputy Director of Department of International Exchange under the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, Chief Coordinator of National Liaison Office in Wuling Mountain Zone, Member of the CPC Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture Committee in Hunan Province and Deputy Governor of Hunan Provincial People’s Government), Zhou Youqiang (Deputy Director of China Literary and Art Criticism Center under China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Deputy Secretary General of China Literature and Art Critics Association) and Zhuo Lizhu (Vice Chairman of the CPPCC and Deputy Secretary of Leading Party Group of Jian’ou Municipal Committee in Fujian Province)

Student Zhao Qian firstly expressed congratulations, blessings and wishes for 2017 MPA freshmen. Then she shared her own feelings and experiences of her own student career.

1. Breaking through original pattern and field of vision: MPA learning can help freshman break through themselves and go beyond themselves so as to make greater contributions to social development.

2. Grasping systematic expertise and research excellence: As the winner of “Outstanding Dissertation of the Seventh National Public Administration Master Dissertation Appraisal”, Zhao Qian talked about her valuable learning experience: She conducted questionnaire survey for 112 non-profit organizations, and looked up nearly 100 related literatures. She encouraged the freshmen to make steady progress and achieve new growth.

3. Returning to simplicity and tranquility absent for a long time: BNU is not only a fueling station for students to strengthen their knowledge reserves and abilities, but also a refuge for students to seek psychological comfort and fullness.

Student Liu Wentao gave vent to the expectation for MPA student career, and encouraged with the classmates. Firstly, adjust the mindset, take role transition and adapt to new life for MPA learning. Secondly, establish solidarity and friendship, help each other and jointly create a good collective atmosphere. Thirdly, comprehend by analogy, apply the knowledge and effectively improve the performance of practical applications. Fourthly, implement strict self-discipline and self-cultivation, and uphold the correct spirit, personality and morality.

Professor Li Xiufeng briefly introduced the functions of MPA Education Center under School of Government, and encouraged students to make full use of the rich learning resources of BNU and continuously make self-improvement. According to Professor Li Xiufeng, MPA Education Center will do its best to create better training conditions, standardize a variety of management systems, and boost the continued development of MPA education.

At last, Opening Ceremony for t2017 MPA Freshmen and the External Mentor Appointment Ceremony of School of Government successfully rang down the curtain in the vigorous melody of BNU song. From now on, 2017 MPA Freshmen will usher in their campus life in School of Government, BNU. They are expected to embark on a perfect journey towards a bright future!