Lecture Notice: Lecture by Professor Romuald Normand, University of Strasbourg, France

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Topic: The internationalization of French education policy. The case of évaluation. 1980s-2010s

Date and Time: December 22, 2017, 10:00-11:30(Friday

Location: Room 509, District A, Main Building.

Presenter: Professor Romuald Normand.



Professor Romuald Normand is Professor of the European Institute of Social, Action and Management (SAGE), a joint research institute between the University of Strasbourg and the National Center for Research in France. The Institute belongs to the University of Strasbourg, France, is an integrated research institute, mainly engaged in social science research, at the same time, it belongs to the European Union and the French National Center for Scientific Research, as a French national research center of joint research institution. Professor Romuald Normand's main research areas include cultural and social policy, education, health, environmental law and urban sustainable development, internationalization and talent mobility, European policy sociology, community motivation and more.

This lecture will discuss about the trajectory of the new public administration reform in the European education system. It will refer to the global trend and features of some countries’ reform, especially France.