Lecture Notice: Information Science in the New Era

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Presenter: Professor Lin Xia.

Date and Time: December 13, 2017, 09:00-10:30 pm

Location: Jiduan Hall, Second floor of the library.



Introduction: Recently, the reform of North American library colleges and universities, library and information colleges, and i-schools have risen again. Most of the colleges and universities reform their curriculums and rename their degrees. Many colleges and universities have also changed their names or merged with other institutions to cater to library science and informatics’ needs of the new era. In this lecture, Professor Lin Xia will introduce his personal experience in this reform process and explore the future development direction of library science and informatics. Some of the topics discussed include: (1) How to make students and librarians better serve their users in the new environment? (2) What knowledge and skills should students acquire in order to serve users not only in the library but also outside the library in the new era? (3) Will AI enter the library? How to introduce the fourth dimension to serve the library users? (4) The Development direction of Informatics - From the Library to Quantum Informatics.

Lecturer Profile: Lin Xia, Ph.D. of Information and Informatics, University of Maryland, 1993. He currently teaches at the College of Computer and Information Science at Drexel University and is a tenured professor of information science and director of the department of information at the college. His main research directions include information retrieval, information visualization, neural system learning algorithms, digital libraries, digital museums and so on. He has participated in many scientific research projects funded by NSF, NLM, IMLS, etc. He also presided over and developed a number of information visualization application systems (such as, automatic classification of network information, classification of knowledge, visualization of information, visual retrieval of medical literature, visual retrieval of periodical magazines, visualization of citation index, etc.).

Organizer: School of Government Management, Beijing Normal University.