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Huang Kun: Aslib Journal of Information Management ---A study of Chinese college students' COVID-19-related information needs and seeking behavior

2021-09-15 Views:34

Purpose To better meet people's information needs under the public health crisis, this study explored the information needs and seeking behavior of college students in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Design/methodology/approach This research utilized a survey and the convenience snowball sampling method. A sample of 400 college students was obtained. Findings The results revealed that college students have paid great attention to COVID-19-related information. They sought the information mainly for personal protection, obtaining the latest information and seeking information for family and friends. Their COVID-19-related information needs were diverse; at different stages, the concerns were different. Social media and mass media were both found to be the most useful tools for seeking COVID-19 information. Too much repetitive information, unclear authoritative and reliable informational sources, and difficulties in judging the authenticity of the information were the most common obstacles for them in information seeking. Nevertheless, the majority of the students agreed that they were very satisfied and somewhat satisfied with the current information services. This did not affect the students' understanding of the importance of health services provided by libraries. Originality/value Insights into the people's information needs and information-seeking behavior of this study could help the information providers to offer appropriate information in better ways to improve the public's virus protection capabilities and maintain the stability of social order.

Huang,Kun,Hao,Xijia,Guo,Miao,Deng,Jingyuan,Li,Lei.A study of Chinese college students' COVID-19-related information needs and seeking behavior[J]Aslib Journal of Information Management,2021,08.