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Wang Ying: Science Research Management—A research on the career commitment of civil servants and its formation process

2021-07-30 Views:122

The working pressure of civil servants in China is higher than before,but their welfare treatment is lower.Great changes have taken place in the professional environment of civil servants.The previous research on career commitment mainly focuses on teachers,doctors,nurses and other professional professions,but the research on civil servants is very lack.In addition,previous studies have a great randomness in the selection of variables influencing factors of career commitment.This paper focuses on the influencing factors and generating mechanism of civil servants'career commitment,which is of great significance for strengthening the stability of civil servants and cultivating the correct career motivation of civil servants in China.From the perspective of individual dependence,the investment model considers that individual commitment is affected by satisfaction,investment scale and the quantity and quality of alternative choices.It is used to explore the current situation and influencing factors of the career commitment of in service civil servants.In the process of career commitment formation,individuals compare and weigh the gap between the results and expectations.If the results are higher than or in line with their own expectations,they will show high career satisfaction,which becomes the attraction of the career.Moreover,the individual's investment in his career has become the gate or obstacle for him to leave this career.The more investment,the more difficult it is for him to make the decision to leave his career.At the same time,the more alternative choices,the more likely an individual is to leave his original career.On this basis,this paper analyzes the impact of career satisfaction,career investment and the perception of alternative job opportunities on career commitment.And based on the role playing theory and social exchange theory,the leader member exchange relationship is introduced as a moderating variable to explore its moderating role in the formation process of career commitment.

Wang Ying,Yang Mengyao,Wang Xiaoyu.A research on the career commitment of civil servants and its formation process[J]Science Research Management,2021,42(06):194-201.