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Liu Xiaojuan: Information and Documentation Services—The Practical Experience and Enlightenment of Foreign Digital Humanities Crowdsourcing Projects

2021-07-30 Views:118

[Purpose/ significance]This article selects 23 digital humanities crowdsourcing projects initiated by foreign library and information institutions, sorts out the project practice, and provides reference for China's library and information institutions to carry out digital humanities crowdsourcing projects.[Method/process]Based on the perspective of project process,the practical experience and characteristics of the projects are refined and summarized from the four key links of project publicity,planning, testing and implementation, such as targeted publicity, focus on volunteer selection and incentive, flexible platform selection, project testing, reasonable auditing mechanism,and strengthening copyright risk control.[Result/conclusion] Combined with the practice of domestic projects, the paper summarizes the scheme and measures of carrying out digital humanities crowdsourcing projects in domestic academic circles, such as improving the project planning and implementation process, taking a number of measures to ensure the quality of crowdsourcing,raising awareness to deal with copyright risks,paying attention to the willingness of volunteers to participate, etc.

Liu Xiaojuan,Liu Huiping,Pan Yinrong.The Practical Experience and Enlightenment of Foreign Digital Humanities Crowdsourcing Projects[J] Information and Documentation Services, 2021,42(04)06:104-112.