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Wei Zhimin: The Journal of Jiangsu Administration Institute—Research on Governance Basis for China's Food Security Problems: Problem Identification

2021-06-11 Views:212

This paper calculates China's food self-sufficiency rate,and analyzes the governance basis for China's food security problems from the perspective of public governance.The results show that the self-sufficiency rate of grain and ration in China remains at a high level,but the generalized self-sufficiency rate of grain shows a trend of decrease year by year,and the dependence of grain consumption on import increases.On this basis,this paper analyzes the four types of factors that have influence on food safety status in China,including rising labor costs,the urbanization and its pressure on cultivated land,environment and natural resources endowment,food subsidies and inverted prices on domestic and overseas markets.It then puts forward some policy suggestions,such as establishing the modern agricultural development model,improving the national food security system,strengthening the protection of cultivated land and ecological environment,and improving the agricultural support and protection system.

Wei Zhimin, Yu Songhao,Wang Maoxuan. Research on Governance Basis for China's Food Security Problems:Problem Identification,Influence Mechanism and Governance Path[J]The Journal of Jiangsu Administration Institute, 2021,(03): 47-54.