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Tang Renwu: Review of Economy and Management—Public Management during 100 Years of the Communist Party of China

2021-05-13 Views:474

The century-long journey of Chinese revolution,construction and reform led by the Communist Party of China is also an important course of exploring the theory and practice of socialist public management under the guidance of Marxist.In this context,public management in China has emerged from nothing to something and developed into an independent discipline after a long exploration.It also has made outstanding achievements in personnel training,academic research and social services.At the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China and the starting point of the new journey of establishing a modern socialist country,clarifying the development mission of public management discipline with Chinese characteristics and grasping the research hot spot and leading edge field closely related to the topic of the times will help the public management discipline achieve leapfrog development under the new historical opportunity and better serve the great process of national reform and development in the new era.

Tang Renwu, Li Chuqiao. Public Management during 100 Years of the Communist Party of China[J].Review of Economy and Management, 2021,37(02):5-14.