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Students of MPA 2019 have completed the enrollment

2019-09-04 Views:1236

On September 1st, more than 100 MPA freshmen completed the registration, and the 2019 MPA freshmen of the School of Government Management entered the journal successfully.

Early in the morning, the teachers and volunteers arrived at the welcome location in advance, arranged the site early, and prepared the supplies. At 8 o'clock in the morning, the orientation work was officially kicked off. The new students came with enthusiasm and expectation. The teacher and volunteers patiently explained and carefully guided the orientation work to proceed in an orderly manner. During the period, the college’s secretary Hai Haibo, deputy secretary Guo Zhifang, director of the MPA Center Li Xiufeng, and deputy director Lian Hongping came to the scene to guide the work and communicate with the students.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, in the 1st classroom of Chemical Building, the director of the MPA Center, Li Xiufeng, gave entrance education and guidance to the freshmen. Director Li introduced the basic situation of the school and the college, the purpose of the research-based university, the content of the study, and how to improve the professional management quality and MPA's ability to focus on training. He emphasized the core and key points of the college MPA training. In the later stage, according to the requirements of the school, the MPA Center will continue to organize a series of activities such as the welcome ceremony, physical examination, and safety education, so that the excellent school spirit of Beijing Normal University will take root and develop in the new students.

Welcome, 2019 MPA!