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The major project of the National Social Science Fund led by professor Wang Dahai is successfully completed in the form of“exemption from appraisal”

2019-07-02 Views:907

The major project of the National Social Science Fund“Research on the Transformation and Upgrading of the Social Governance System under the Background of New Urbanization”, led by Professor Wang Dahai of our university, examined and approved by the National Office of philosophy and Social Sciences , and has been successfully completed in the form of“exemption from appraisal”(Number: 2019&J037).The research group has also published the book“Report on the Development of New urbanization in China”and published more than 40 academic papers.At the same time,the research achievements have received important instructions from relevant leaders at the national and provincial and ministerial levels,which provide an important reference for China’s social governance decision-making and policy innovation.

Based on the Social Governance Dilemma in the process of transition from traditional urbanization to new urbanization in China,and starting from solving the “meta-governance” problem of social governance system ,the project constructs a three-dimensional analysis framework of social governance in the context of new urbanization, which is the protection of rights,the improvement of people's livelihood and the maintenance of order.The project summarizes and improves the experience and methodology of local pilot projects of social management in China under the background of new urbanization,and constructs the social governance quality index,and finally puts forward the transformation and upgrading of social governance system that is from the fragmented social management under the logic of“no trouble”to the holistic social governance under the logic of“people-centered”.