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About SG

School of Government, Beijing Normal University, is an education, research, personnel cultivation and social service entity with the objective to build BNU into a world-class university, which officially changed its name and established on the base of former School of Management in April, 2013. At present, there are 59 teachers and staff of whom more than 90% have doctoral degrees, including honorary dean Professor JIANG Zhenghua, who′s an academician of  Academy of Sciences for Europe and Asia, Professor LI Jingwen, whoa??s an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and foreign academicians from Russia and other countries. The party and government joint conference is the decision-making organ of the school, and everything related to the development of the school is discussed through it and executed by specific members of the conference. Moreover, there are also academic committee (professor committee), management degree sub-committee, political science degree sub-committee, teaching instruction committee and some other academic institutions. The school consists of four disciplines and three institutes, namely Management Science, Public Administration, Human Resource Management, Information Management and Information System, Institute of Land Resources Management, Institute of Political Science, and Institute of International Relations, which assume their management work in education, research and social service respectively.

The School of Government, Beijing Normal University, is one of the first units qualified to award doctoral degrees for first-level disciplines in Public Administration, and also China′s first Master of Public Administration (MPA) training units. Time the school has been established is short but the development of the school is rapid. The school offers 4 undergraduate majors, including Management Science, Public Administration, Human Resource Management and Information Management, and Information System, 9 Master′s degree programs, including Management Science and Engineering, Administrative Management, Land resource Management, Human resource Management, Government Economy Management, Informatics, Library Science, Political Science, and International Relationship, 4 Doctoral degree programs, including Administrative Management, Land resource Management, Human Resource Management, and Government Economy Management, a Master of Public Administration (MPA) and two rotating post-doctoral posts of Public Administration and Political Science. Among them, Public Administration is a Doctoral degree program for first-level disciplines, Management Science and Engineering, Library and Information Science and Political Science are Mastera??s degree programs for first-level disciplines, and Public Administration first-level discipline accorded key discipline status by Beijing Municipality.

The School of Government takes the responsibility of cultivating all kinds of students with ideals, ideas and innovations, and has cultivated tens of thousands of excellent talents for countrya??s economic and social development. They work at all walks of life, both home and abroad, mainly party and government departments, national enterprises and public institutions, and most of them become the mainstay of their enterprises, devoting their wisdom and talent to the development of economy and society and the realization of "China Dream".

The School of Government has strong scientific research capabilities, and assumes nearly 200 national natural science foundation research projects, national philosophy and social science foundation research projects and other projects, including national philosophy and social science major bidding projects, key projects and theoretical studies and construction projects of Marxism. The research funds for year 2011-2012 are more than 15 million Yuan. The development index of people′s well-being, research reports of provincial local governments′ efficiency in China and many other research achievements have received the instructions and comments from the central leading body, and generate positive social impacts.

The School of Government has established connections with many famous domestic and international universities and colleges. Every year the school invites a few foreign professors for academic lectures and communications, and sends a few teachers abroad for visiting and advanced studies in the meantime. The school also provides joint education with many universities and colleges in Canada, Holland, France, America, Korea, and Hong Kong, China, as well as chances of further education abroad for different students.

The School of Government is a ship sailing for its destination stably. With strong faith, we will take Public Administration first-level discipline as our leading discipline, Management Science and Engineering, Information Management and Information System and Political Science as our important disciplines. We will make team building to be our foundation, discipline construction the core, and student education, scientific research and social service the key, concentrate on construction and development, strive to develop the School of Government into an influential school at home and abroad in 10 years.